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    Obtain succinct answers and expand your knowledge in any academic area with professionally custom-written essays, literature review and dissertations from BespokeWritingService.Com.

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    We guarantee our clients credible aid as we have expertise for meeting all academic needs.

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    All our writers hold a minimum of Bachelors degree from reputable universities with many of our writers are holders of Masters and PhDs so that to ensure that our clients are rest assured of quality deliverable.

Our Promise

  • 100% Original Work
  • Plagiarism Checking
  • Affordable Prices
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free Revision
  • Overnight Delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

tl_files/files/img/student teacher.jpgWho are we?

We are a team of vastly experienced, knowledgeable, skilful and qualified professional writers who are highly dedicated in offering our academic writing services to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied.

How do I place an Order?

To place your order with BespokeWritingService.Com go to the order page or follow this link to create an order. While filling the requirements, please do out your present contact details especially your email address and phone number.

What is your payment process?

Once you have placed your order with us, you will hear from us any time between 0 - 10hrs after we have analysed your order and we are certain of what exactly you are asking us to do. Immediately we are sure we understand your instructions and can complete your task within the specified period, we will send you a link to pay and our customer care will be readily available to answer any of your questions or take care of any of your problems if any. When you pay, BespokeWritingService.Com will immediately process your payment and send you a confirmation email which you should not delete. We will send you another email that will introduce you to the person(s) who will write your paper and give out their email address.

Note that if we do not understand your instructions we will send you an email asking for clarifications within the stipulated time period.

What next after I have paid?

Our writers will start working on your paper immediately you have paid and you will be in a position to talk with the professional in charge of writing your paper through email.

How will I get my completed paper?

Once your paper has been completed and we have verified that the paper is of the excellent quality and completely error free, we will send it to your email address or you can directly download it from the personal account you created with us.

How do I monitor the Progress of my paper?

You will be always in a position to communicate on individual basis with the professional in charge of writing your email address through his/her email address which we will give you as soon as we accept your order. You will however not be in a position to get the writers phone number unless it is an emergency which we can organize for telephone conversation but in very rare scenarios.

How do I get help if my writer is not responding to my emails?

Our writers are very professional while offering their services you they will always reply to your emails but incase they do not, you can get assistance from our friendly customer care services either through live chat on our site, email or telephone conversation.

Can your professional writers be able to write my paper if I do not provide any references?

At Bespoke Writing Service, we have database of online library with all materials for all the levels of education from high school to postgraduate school and also all subjects, so YES, we can write your paper if you do not provide references. To save on time to search for the resources, we recommend that if you happen to be in possession of any material that can be useful to write the paper then you email it to us.

Is it possible to make any changes to my order after I have paid?

At Bespoke Writing Service, client's satisfaction is our #1 priority that is why unlike other online writing companies we will allow our clients to make any modifications to their orders as long as it is before the due date. We recommend that incase of any changes maybe from the lecturer, you inform our writers early enough to give them enough time to adjust their research to the changes made. Note that our writers will however not accept any modifications from the clients if it entirely changes the initial order incase they have finished the research and have started writing on the paper. In this scenario, they will request for adjustment of your payment to their services.

Are your services confidential?

At Bespoke Writing Service, we offer academic writing help that are 100% CONFIDENTIAL. We serve our clients in a very professional manner so that they can always come back for more academic writing services or they can refer others to us. Our name is very important to every single employee in this firm and would not do anything to tarnish our name. For confidential purposes, your personal information will never leave our database and very sensitive information will be deleted from our database immediately we email you the paper and we get feedback that you are satisfied. We promise our clients that their details will never reach a 3rd party.

Our am I guarantee that you will deliver a paper that meets my expectations and that you are trustworthy?

Our writers are vastly experienced in their various areas of specialization and academic levels of writing. We do rigorous selection process before anyone can qualify to join our team of academic writers and we only settle for the best writers who are trustworthy and have at least 10 years of experience with masters degree in the field of specialization. We have more than 250 professionals in each level of specialization and academic level who will only settle on the task they are able to handle before the due date. Note that at Bespoke Writing Service, we will never accept your order unless we are certain that we can handle it and come out with an excellent paper out of it.

Do you have any refund policy? If yes how does it work?

At Bespoke Writing Service, it is very rare that our clients demand back their money, in fact we have never heard of any such incident and that is because we deliver excellent services and perfect papers to our much esteemed clients thanks to professional writers and our great team of customer care. We however guarantee that we will refund you your money back if the paper we sent to you does not completely answer to the question or order you sent to us or the paper has a mismatch of the information you sent to us and you have concrete proof to backup your allegations.

Are your academic writing team qualified and experienced enough to write paper?

At BespokeWritingService.Com, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we only employee skilled professional writers who have the ability to deliver and maintain our academic writing standards. Our writers are vastly experienced with over 10years of know-how in academic writings, each of our writers have at least a masters degree in the field of specialization and all our writers tackling sciences all have PhDs. At BespokeWritingService.Com we do not pay any of our employee incase they write papers below academic standards.

What makes you unique over your competitors and why should I choose you over them?

At BespokeWritingService.Com we offer professional academic writing services which are genuine and 100% free from plagiarism unlike other online writing companies who will plagiarize your assignment. Our writers do not use any pre-written document to write your essay no matter the circumstance and we do not have any pre-written academic writings in our database. We will also never sell the paper we have sold to you to any 3rd party to make more profit like other online writing companies do. All our dedicated writers are have at least masters degree with 10 years of experience in their field of specialization unlike other online writing companies who employee university students to write your academic essays. To top up on that we are time conscious and you will have your work ready within the stipulated deadline and a fair charge which is reasonable

How long should I wait before my assignment is completed?

Our committed writers will start working on your paper immediately. The duration that the task will take depends greatly with the size of the task and all the terms given in the order. For a top-north, high quality and excellent paper our writers need time to do a noble research so the clients have to be patient and give them ample time to finish the task before the deadline. BespokeBayWriting.Com guarantees you that you will have your paper ready before the deadline you gave us.

How do you charge your services per page?

At BespokeWritingService.Com, we charge our clients reasonable amounts which are fair to both the firm and customer. We do not have a fixed price; our charges are determined mainly by the number of pages of the paper, the deadline of the paper submission, the academic level of the client, the subject difficulty, the specifications given to the students and the availability of the resources.

How do I pay for the services?

After being certain that we can write your paper, we will email you a link that you will use to pay for the services using either PayPal, Visa Card, Master Card or pay through bank. Should you face any challenges while making payments, please feel free to contact our customer care for the necessary assistant.

Is it possible to withdraw the order after I have paid for it?

We urge our esteemed clients to be certain that they want to go through with the order before they proceed with the payment process. We usually do not allow any cancellation of the order once our skilled writers have started working on your paper because it takes a lot of time to do the research. Sometimes in very rare situations, BespokeWritingService.Com will consider the scenario and refund the money but deduct some cash on the amount of work already completed. We will decide on the amount to be deducted and this will not be negotiable.

What happens if the person you assigned to write my paper gets an emergency?

Emergency are the most unavoidable circumstances and in this situation, BespokeWritingServices.Com will do everything it takes to make sure you get your paper before due date and of the expected quality and according to your specifications. Our writers keep updates of their writing details in their accounts so their co-writers will take over the task immediately.

In case the writer you assigned to work on my paper writes a paper which is below academic research and writing standards, what happens?

All our writers are well qualified with more than 10 years in academic writing experience so there is absolutely no chance of this scenario happening. Further more our writers only accept task they can easily complete without difficulty within their areas of specialization. We will however provide free revision of the paper incase it is plagiarized or refund the amount paid for the paper if it is below the academic writing standards.

Do you provide revisions for the paper after writing?

We provide free revisions before we submit the paper to you to ensure that we correct all kinds of mistakes the writer might have made and make the paper spotless from any error. We will only submit the paper when we are sure it is spotless. If you go through the paper and still decide it needs revisions, our writers will do the revision for you at a discounted amount but you must clearly mention the specific areas you need revisions in.

Do you provide revision services to the paper I have written?

Our professional writers will be more than willing to turn the paper that you have written into a perfect that is ready for submission to your lecturer. To make your paper excellent we provide either proofreading services, editing services or rewriting services at very affordable charges.

How do you deal with dishonest clients?

We take cyber crimes very serious and any client who use fraudulent means to pay for our services like using stolen cards will be reported to the authority immediately our systems identifies the fault.

Can I trust you with such important paper such us Thesis or Dissertation papers?


What hours do you offer your help and customer care services?


What services do you offer?